Work in progress

Regulatory Focus and Emotions in Supply Chain Coordination (joint work with Santiago Kraiselburd, Konstantina Tzini and Priscilla Rodriguez)

Regulatory focus orientation affects people’s emotions, thoughts and actions. We conjecture that beyond an individual’s regulatory fit to a task, the fit between decision makers in a supply chain may also play a role in achieving coordination. We study a repetitive capacity matching game under information asymmetry and information sharing (Hyndman, Kraiselburd and Watson, 2013) under different profit scenarios and observe how regulatory fit, emotions and decisions interact.

Service-level agreements and supplier capacity decisions: the impact of incentive framing on trust (joint work Wendy van der Valk)

The goal of this project is to study the effect of incentive framing on the development of trust in supply chains and shed light on the underlying mechanism (e.g., violation of expectations, attributions of benevolence and emotions). We focus on the framing of service-level-agreements (bonus versus reward), and study their effect on trust development in the context of demand information sharing between a buyer and a supplier who sets capacity.