Short Biography

I am currently an assistant professor of Supply Chain Management, at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Before joining Tilburg University, I served as an assistant professor at VU Amsterdam, and as a research fellow (post-doc) at European Business School (Germany). I received my M. Eng. and PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from MIT-Zaragoza Logistics Program (Spain). As a doctoral student, I spent time at MIT , Harvard Kennedy School of Government, University of Minnesota (USA) and University of Pompeu Fabra (Spain). Before joining academia, I worked as a logistics and procurement specialist for the private sector and the Greek Ministry of Transport.

My main research interests lie within supply chain coordination and information sharing, studying both economic incentives and behavioral factors. I also work on topics related to global health supply chains and humanitarian logistics. In terms of research methodologies, I like to combine analytical modeling (game theory) with empirical data (experiments, secondary data).